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10 Creative Ideas for Filling Your Child's Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of Easter baskets for kids. If you're looking for ideas on what to put in your child's basket this year, we've got you covered!

Here are some fun and creative ideas to make your child's Easter morning extra special:

  1. Candy: Let's start with the obvious - candy! Easter is a time for indulging in sweet treats, so fill your child's basket with their favorite candies or chocolates.
  2. Toys: Add some toys to your child's basket that they'll love playing with. This could include small figurines, puzzles, building blocks or even a new stuffed animal.
  3. Personalized items: Go the extra mile by adding personalized items such as a monogrammed keychain or water bottle. Or make it extra special with their name and face on a real dollar bill!


  4. Books: Encourage reading by adding a new book or two to your child's Easter basket. Choose a book that matches their interests or introduce them to something new.
  5. Art Supplies: Foster creativity by putting art supplies in their basket such as crayons, markers, coloring books or stickers.
  6. Outdoor toys: With spring upon us, consider adding outdoor toys such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk or jump ropes.
  7. Games: Family game night just got more exciting! Add some games like card games or board games that children can play with siblings and friends.
  8. Accessories: For older children, add accessories such as jewelry, hair ties or sunglasses.
  9. Gift Cards: Consider adding a gift card from their favorite store so they can pick out something they really want.
  10. DIY crafts: Get creative and add DIY crafts that will keep them busy throughout the day like painting kits, friendship bracelet kits or slime-making kits!

In conclusion, there are endless possibilities when it comes to filling an Easter basket for kids! Use these ideas as inspiration and have fun creating a unique and memorable Easter experience for your little ones.

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