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When it comes to super cool novelty gifts, we're been right on the money for more than twenty-five years! Yes, you read that right. We've been in the novelty gift business for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. 

This whole custom dollar bill madness is the brainchild of @dollarchief, You're on the Money's intrepid creator, founder, and grand poobah. While it's not quite fair to say he got his start in his mother's basement (it was her spare bedroom for crying out loud!!!), he and his little dollar bill empire certainly come from humble beginnings.


So, how did we get started? In the olden days, there was no Internet! Well, not the way we enjoy it now. Remember the joys of dial-up? The "beep-boop-bah" certainly put a crimp in online shopping - what there was of it. What's that you say? You had to go to the mall to buy things?!?!? Yup. So, back then we relied on good ol' boots-on-the ground (mainly @dollarchief's boots) to spread the word far and wide about the greatness of dollar bill gifts. Soon, gift sellers across the nation climbed on the bandwagon. Our dollar bill novelty gifts are now available in malls, corner shops, sports shops, gift shops, and tourist traps on the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between.

Today, we're online, baby! And we're well on our way to worldwide gift-giving domination (okay, mostly U.S. domination – we specialized in uncirculated U.S. minted REAL dollar bills after all!). Our ever-expanding online novelty gift store has everything you need to give the perfect gift. From birthday gifts for dads who have everything to Valentines Day gifts for couples, anniversary party packs to stocking stuffers, we've got your personalized gift-giving covered. 

What we've learned over two+ decades in the business is this... there's a thirst for totally unique, fantastically personalized novelty gifts – and we aim to continue quenching that thirst with awesome custom gifts, one clean, crisp dollar bill at a time.

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