Your Face On Money: Is it Legal & Other Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Your face on money. It's probably something you've always dreamed about. But, hey. Is it legal? Here we answer commonly asked questions about our product so you can be 100% confident in making your fun gifts for friends purchase.

Q: Just what the heck is a-going on with my face on a dollar bill?

A: What’s going on is quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced banana and peanut butter sandwiches! First, our highly trained technicians dollarize your picture using our supercomputers and down-home secret recipe. Then they print it out in high-definition glory on a special label that is precision die-cut to match perfectly the oval George Washington sits in, using only the latest in cutting-edge printer technology. Finally, our almost-conscious robots place your label with unflinching accuracy directly over George Washington on a real dollar bill. Voilà! You’re on the money.

Q: But wait! Isn’t that illegal?

A: Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anybody! Seriously, here’s the deal: we use a nonpermanent adhesive. Our labels can easily be peeled off without damaging or defacing the real dollar bills on which they sit. What we do isn’t that much different from putting one of those small square yellow notes with the nonpermanent adhesive backing on a dollar bill, just a whole lot cooler.

So, if you were dialing 911, please, put down the phone. We may wear crazy pants here at You’re on the Money, but we don’t hold them up with a belt and suspenders.

Q: So, you’re saying these are real dollar bills…

A: Yes. Nobody gets excited about having their picture on a fake dollar bill. Maybe someday some plucky entrepreneur will exploit the untapped market potential of you’, but we kind of doubt it.

So yes, we use real dollar bills. People look at us kind of funny at the bank when we ask for the freshest, most crispy uncirculated ones they have, but we’re willing to endure the sidelong glances and muttering just so we can make your dream of being on a real dollar bill come true. Finally, you’re on the money.

Q: Wow, so I really can get my picture on a real dollar bill. But hey, how do I keep it from getting all wrinkly and crinkly?

A: Great question! We ship every You’re on the Money real dollar bill in a jewel encrusted platinum box like something Kim Kardashian would use as a cover for her phone. Actually, we ran that idea through accounting and it just didn’t fly, so instead, your custom You’re on the Money real dollar bill comes in a protective fitted clear vinyl sleeve that keeps it wrinkle and dust free so you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

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