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Whoa... Are Custom Dollars Legal? Yep! YOTM's are!

You’re on the Money’s custom dollars have been seen all over social media as cool personalized gifts for friends and loved ones. For birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, even Valentine’s Day – really any day – giving the perfect customized gift is easy: just upload a photo and name.

Custom Dollars - Put a big smile on your favorite faces

Best of all, these custom dollar bills are real. Yes, REAL.

But is affixing a photo and name over Washington’s face legal?

With You’re on the Money’s special production process, it is perfectly legal. For nearly ten years, You’re on the Money has produced thousands of customized dollars to meet the gift-giving needs of people all across the country, not to mention around the world. 

How do we do it? You’re on the Money puts your photo and name on a precision die-cut decal with a non-permanent adhesive backing – kind of like a high-tech sticky note. The custom printed decal can be removed without damaging or defacing the dollar. Each custom dollar bill is then packaged in its own clear protective sleeve.

You’re on the Money custom dollar bills are available in Classic Dollar Bill Green or full color. Either option is perfectly legal, spendable, and a whole lot of fun. Check out our website and five-star reviews to learn more.

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