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What to Write in a Graduation Card

How to write a unique graduation card your graduate will love.

With that special person in your life about to graduate, it’s time to celebrate. A graduation card with a personalized message is a great way to show them how proud you are. However, figuring out what to actually write in that graduation card is tricky, and most guides out there just give you quotes or templates which anyone can recognize. If you’re having a difficult time finding the right words to congratulate them, this simple guide will tell you exactly what to say in a graduation card, no matter if it’s high school, university, or anywhere else.

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So, what makes for a perfect card? What’s the general structure and sentiment we should use when writing to our special graduate? Our advice is this: don’t worry too much about it. Remembering context and knowing your graduate is a better driver than any direct structure we can give. What we can do is give you some sentiments to consider and remind you to make the message personal.

  1. Congratulate the graduate on their accomplishment(s)
  2. Share how proud you are of them
  3. Compliment the graduate using specifics
  4. Give words of encouragement
  5. Share a nice memory
  6. Tell an appropriate joke
  7. Look towards the future

Read on for details!

Things to consider

When crafting graduation card messages, there’s a lot of little things you need to consider before ever putting pen to paper.

What’s your connection to the graduate?

Are you directly related, or are you friends with them? Depending on how you’re related and how long you’ve known them, you may choose to include personal memories you have of them. Don’t be embarrassing about it, though. This is a card to celebrate, not make them cringe!

Can you attend the graduation?

This is a huge one. If you can’t attend, be sure to include a line mentioning that you’re sorry you can’t attend and that you’re looking forward to seeing them again soon. Make them feel like you care. Chances are they already know, but it feels good to hear.

What are the graduate’s achievements?

Always mention their achievements by name. Remember where they’re graduating from, what their degree is, and any other accomplishments that you’re proud of. Recognizing the specifics is always more personal than just saying “you graduated. congratulations.” 

What’s the graduate’s personality?

Especially if you plan to write some jokes, you should keep in mind the graduate’s personality. Will they appreciate what you’re going to write? If there’s a doubt, you should probably leave it out just to be safe.

What to leave out

Just as important as the context of the message and recipient, there are plenty of blunders to avoid. Keeping these in mind will help you refine your message and write a card that the recipient is sure to appreciate. 

Unsolicited advice

Think encouragement, not counseling. This is a time that represents freedom, opportunity, and the graduate’s chance to find their own way. Don’t bog them down with life lessons.

Potential job openings

In the same vein as the previous warning, you shouldn’t include a potential job offer or opening you know about. It may seem helpful and considerate to you, but to the graduate may read it as “hurry up and get a job.” Give them their day, worry about jobs later.

Jokes or sentiments the graduate won’t appreciate

Although we talked about this in the “Things to Consider” section, it’s worth repeating. Don’t include jokes or sentiments that the recipient wouldn’t appreciate or agree with. The last thing you wanted when you graduated was to feel offended or generally put off, so don’t do that to someone else.

Embarrassing experiences

Another thing no one wants to feel when graduating is embarrassment. Imagine how you'd feel if someone included a reminder of one of your own embarrassing moments in a card meant for congratulations. Even if you mean it as a joke – it's best to just skip it.

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